Fixed Operations Director over multi-dealership environment willing to hire a good Service Advisor who is an up-and-comer for their first Automotive Service Manager position.  It’s a hands-on, working Automotive Service Manager who will take the leadership role in the service drive and the department.

Automotive Service Manager
We help as experienced Career Coaches with  your resume, interview coaching and compensation.

This is not an “in the office job”  and actually in any size dealership being an “in the office Service Manager” is out of date and a risky proposition.  This is a perfect opportunity to get your first Automotive Service Manager role.  Most Service Advisors never do unfortunately. It’s a smaller department that is easily manageable giving you time to get up to speed.  The Fixed Ops Director is a great guy and has a positive performance coaching style versus the expert manager, “do it like this” type.  If compensation is close to what you are making as an Advisor now the trade off is the very hard to get first Service Manager position and a huge career boost. It gets you that valuable Service Manager title on your resume that will always be there.

This job opening is just one of many Automotive Service Manager openings we will get this month. If this one isn’t a fit contact us confidentially, tell us what fits you and we will contact you as new Automotive Service Manager jobs open. Employers often advertise their best job openings with us instead of advertising on their own. Many job openings are a confidential replacement that they choose not to advertise.  We will present you to employers exclusively as new jobs open before we advertise or put them on our website.  Thank you for being a customer, we appreciate it.

We have helped many candidates throughout the years with automotive service manager openings. Melissa who places all of our Service positions will protect your confidentiality as she helps you with your resume, with valuable interview advice including our “Guide to an Interview” doc she will send you and guide you through the whole process including how to give notice. She will take the stress out of negotiating compensation for you by helping you with that component often getting a higher level of compensation for you than someone on their own may get.

Our automotive employers use us for direct match experience “plug and play” Automotive Service Manager candidates so if we haven’t contacted you about a job opening that may be why.  When appropriate we will let our automotive dealership employers know that if they are willing to train a candidate who is ready to move up into a new automotive service position that we have a great person like you available to interview.

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