Automotive Accounts Receivable General Office in a fun environment. Job Number 13813.

Automotive Accounts Receivable General Office in a fun environment

Automotive Accounts Receivable General Office in a fun environment.

Another one of our long term customers that is a smaller Family business and a Great Place to Work is in need of an experienced Accounts Receivable, General Office and some Receptionist duties person for their office. There could also be additional duties of closing Repair Orders, Invoicing and supporting Repair Estimates. 

Compensation for this position is at $18.00 per hour range. 


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employers before you are even contacted. 

* If Compensation isn’t quoted you are putting your “Confidentiality at Risk” filling out applications, testing and taking time off from work to interview
not knowing if the compensation is acceptable to you.

* Our dealership employers will post a job with us and on other sites. We can give you information about an employer including benefit package,
average compensation and why the job is open.


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You are our Customer.  We work on job openings that are a match for you while you are working and busy with life.   Heidi Nelson (26th year) who works on all of our automotive accounting executive level, management and office staff positions will protect your confidentiality and help you if needed update your resume or make a new one for free. She will help with valuable interview advice including our “Guide to an Interview” doc she will send you and guide you through the whole process including how to give notice. She will take the stress out of negotiating compensation for you by helping you with that component getting a fair offer at your experience level and a potential review in one year.

Dealerships use us for confidential Job Openings they don’t want to advertise or don’t have the time to spend pre-screening and interviewing a lot of people to possibly find one or two experienced candidates. We do that for our Employer Customers and it allow us to get You an Interview and possibly a Great New Job.


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