Here is another Automotive Dealership Group Corporate Fixed Operations Director Oregon . Job 13599.


Automotive Dealership Group Corporate Fixed Operations Director Oregon

Automotive Dealership Group Corporate Fixed Operations Director Oregon

Oversee Service operations of 6 Dealerships in Oregon and two other Western states. The home dealership and the base location for this position is in Oregon outside of the Portland area. Of course there is travel involved with this position to meet with Service Managers and General Managers in each dealership with regard to Fixed Operations.  Having direct experience overseeing Fixed Ops for multiple dealerships is a plus but if you are in a high volume dealership with a large team and have the financials to show outstanding success the Dealer Principal may be interested.  We will go to bat for you as our customer.

Three of the dealerships are a Tier One Leading Brand Import with a broad selection of vehicles.  Another is a leading Domestic brand and the other two moderate volume brands. If leading multiple teams is in your wheelhouse this may be just what you have been looking for.

We always like to remind our customers we are just talking about an interview, not committing to a job.  If you interviewed and found you weren’t interested or it just wasn’t a fit for you please tell us and we will diplomatically let the DP know.  If you are interested we work hard to get you the offer at a good compensation level to start and potential incentives as Fixed grows.

Compensation will be based on Experience level.


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