Automotive Group Platform Manager opportunity one of the best in the Industry.
Job Number 13822. 

Automotive Group Platform Manager Opportunity

Automotive Group Platform Manager Opportunity Best in the Industry

* Our Employer customer Requires Applicants have “Current or Recent 5 to 10 years” of Platform Manager Experience.
* Our Employer customer Requires “Long term Stable Platform and General Manager positions” indicating Success at the Position.
* Without this Exact Background we will Not be able to Respond to you but Value you as an Important Customer.

This Automotive Group Platform Manager opportunity one of the best in the Industry is with a very successful privately held Automotive Group looking for an experienced Platform Manager with current or very recent experience overseeing many General Managers and Dealerships in an Auto Group. This West Coast Auto Group is performing at a high level currently. This opportunity is truly one of the best in the automotive industry in any city in the U.S. 

Your history of coaching & improving (or when needed) recruiting a high performing General Manager to maximize each dealership’s performance goes to the heart of this position. Your proven track record of achieving true high performance is defined by a high level of retention of talented General Managers and Management Teams within the Auto Group’s dealerships. Turnover is failure in a majority of cases and leads to whole percentage point drops in annual net income. 

Mindful turnover that leads to improvement in annual net profit is defined as the ability to:
(1.) Recognize when the rare time comes to make a change with a General Manager due to continued problems such as expensive turnover in managers and staff causing poor results in both CSI and profitability for a particular dealership.
(2.) Not believe in your own “religion” that any GM in “our auto group” is superior to anyone else available and keep an under performing GM over time.

Your complete skill set will need to include much more Fixed Operations knowledge and experience with proven policies and procedures than the average GM has. When Fixed Operations is operating at maximum production Variable is easy.  

Our confidential Dealer Principal is in search of candidates who have long term jobs of 5 to 8 years per position including as a Platform Manager with proven results and outstanding references from former Dealer Principals, General Managers, Controllers and Service Managers. The Dealer has tasked us with in-depth reference checking in search of high performing individuals with superior overall auto dealership management skills. Reference checking is right in our wheelhouse.

We look forward to talking to you. This is a confidential opportunity and your information will be kept confidential as well.

* Compensation will be in the mid six figures range (or potentially higher based on background) and negotiable between Dealer Principal and Applicant.  This Employer has a history of very desirable compensation to the Leadership Team.  (We help you with that component if needed.) 

Or Confidentially call Wade Gefre at (503) 639-1266



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