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For Applicants looking for a new job we are a Free, 100% Confidential and Friendly Placement Service. These are all Full Time Jobs, we are not a Temp Service.  We Fill some of The Best Jobs before they make it to our Website, Craigslist Ads or Search Engines like Google.

Automotive Service Job Openings

Portland Oregon
Vancouver Washington
Oregon  Idaho  Northwest
Western United States

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Service Department Staff, Management & Executive Placement Counselor

Melissa Lacasella – 7th Year

Hi, my name is Melissa Lacasella and this is my 7th year at Car People. As a former Service Advisor for 7 years locally,  I love helping people confidentially with their careers. No matter where you work or who you work for your contact with me will be 100% confidential.  You are my customer and have the right to look for a new job if that’s your choice.

I look forward to helping you confidentially as a customer with your Career, Resume, Interview Coaching and Compensation. We make it easy for you!  This is our 32nd year in business.

We have the contacts! Many of the Dealer Principals and General Managers I work with are long term customers. Many of the  Fixed Operations Directors and Service  Managers I work with are people we have placed in their jobs or have long term relationships with.


Placed Fixed Operations Director

Melissa did a good job of listening to my situation and what type of job I wanted at this point in my career. I didn’t want to just jump into something.  She was very aware of what I wanted and found me two opportunities.  She did a good job of tailoring those jobs to my needs. Melissa placed me as a Fixed Operations Director and I love it here!


Ms. Hillary Levet
Regional Corporate Fixed Operations Director

Melissa carefully vetted Service Manager candidates prior to giving me a list of people to consider. She provided me with references from former employers so I could choose what Applicants I wanted to talk to.  The references she checked were very valuable to us. It saved me a lot of time.  Melissa significantly reduced the time it took to find and hire a new Service Manager. She made it easy for  me.

One of the things I really liked is every time I called for Melissa she was available and I got right through to her. If I emailed or texted her I could always reach her.  Melissa is consistent  and that is one of the things I love about her. She is wonderful.  When I was in a high stress situation she’d calm me right down and took care of business. Melissa is definitely worth what we pay her for.


Service Department Applicant Vetting and Customer Service
Wade Gefre

Wade Gefre – 32nd Year
Applicant Vetting | Customer Service | President | Owner

Hi, my name is Wade Gefre and this is my 32nd year at Car People confidentially helping our Service Department customers with their careers. Melissa Lacasella is our Service Department Placement Counselor and your main contact for new jobs.   I assist her with checking references and communicating with candidates at times as needed.

We look forward to helping you confidentially as a customer with your Career.

What Our Customers Say

Dealer Principal | Confidential Dealership


Melissa, thanks for your nice feedback on your updates with the new Service Manager you just placed with me. First off he is a great guy.  We do have a vision and we get along well. There is LOTS of opportunity. I want a long term relationship with him and we are laying out our plan of attack.

Placed Service Manager | Confidential Dealership


Melissa, things are going well.  I am learning this brand’s ways of Parts & Service. The Dealer Principal and crew have been very welcoming.  I am happy to be here!  Thank you for all of your help!

Placed Service Advisor | Confidential Luxury Dealership

“Melissa, so far so good on my first day. Everyone is very helpful here and things are well organized. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much !!!!”


Placed Service Manager | Confidential Domestic Dealership

Comment From a Placed Customer

Melissa has been absolutely fantastic helping me with my new Service Manager position. She’s a keeper!

Service Manager | Confidential Domestic Dealership
Comment from a Hiring Manager



I called to let you guys know what a great job Melissa did for me finding a Service Advisor. She did a fantastic job and made it easy. She is really on top of things. What really stood out was when I called for Wade and Melissa told me he was on vacation, she then said “I can help you.” When I got home that night I thought to myself, I wish my employees would say that to customers asking for me!

Placed Service Manager | New Car Dealership

Comment from a Placed Customer

I contacted Wade about finding a new job and he did all of the work for me. It was seamless. He had quality interviews to send me on. When I went to an interview it was like I already had my foot in the door, like a 3rd interview. He made it a lot easier for me, I hadn’t interviewed for a new job in a long time.

Promoted to Service Manager | Confidential High Line Dealership
Comment from a Placed Customer

Wade works hard, this is the second time he has helped me. He just got me my first Assistant Service Manager position managing the Advisors and Techs with the Service Manager. Wade’s a great long term career advisor for you.

Placed Service Manager | Import Dealership

Comment from a Placed Customer

Car People is a very good Service for Advisors and Managers to find a new job. Wade is in touch with everybody and made me feel I was important. He helped me stand up when I was beaten down by my current employer.

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